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We will be able to reproduce thoroughly number one in every way, shape and form , Eldred said. “But it’s a labor of love. Just about every guitarist today was influenced by Stevie game in some way, not only is it an honor to be part of this project, we are delighted to be able to offer replicas of this historic guitar. “Mike Eldred (left) and John Cruz (right) Fender Custom Shop painstakingly reproduce” Number One ” and SRV Guitar Amp Settings.The Custom Shop Limited Edition Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Model “Number One” by Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster is made of hand selected Alder with great distress 2-Tone Sunburst lacquer.

Master Builder John Cruz of the Fender Custom Shop Tribute Craft each of these models, each guitar will feature the exact same specifications found on the original “Number One”, including body weight, the shape of neck, hardware, and pickups. In addition, the well-worn distinctive finish on the entire guitar will be recreated on the Tribute model, using famous Relic-ing “processes.It Custom Shop will have a left-handed tremolo bridge gold and gold hardware, with January 1 -ply black pickguard adorned with the initials SRV .

This very special instrument will be made on a per order basis in a limited edition of only 100 guitars worldwide, and will never be reproduced by Fender again. The Fender Custom Shop has made guitar in the first race on display at their booth at NAMM this winter, where they will start taking orders for the guitars.Referred as “Woman Number 1” (the famous Lenny was named from his human wife Lenora), this Strat had more body modifications that Kardashian family. SRV thought it was a ’59 while its technology René Martinez believed that it is a ’62 or ’63. Different sources have given the pickups, the body and neck in different years, which could explain the differences. 

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