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I call this picture “Bendin” because bending the heavy strings on Number One was no easy task. Stevie used GHS strings ranging from 13 to 60.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was not a complicated guy, even when fame made his life crazy.By all accounts, it was the beginning to the tragic end, friendly, warm, genuine, relaxed, attentive , compassionate and comfortable s r self, without hint of ego or arrogance often seen in stars of his stature. For all its extreme ferocity on stage, backstage, he could not be sweeter. That’s what everyone whose life has touched even a little said. Everyone loved him. Most liked it. Not surprising to hear that sometimes Lenora Vaughan slept at night with an arm around her and the other around the SRV Guitar Amp Setup Sale guitar he named for him.

Vaughan played “Lenny” selectively and with great passion. He presented the song of the same name, of course r, and then was fond of playing on “Riviera Paradise” 1989 step – a testament to its significance for him. Years after the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan in a helicopter crash Ao T 1990, at the request of his brother Born Jimmie Vaughan, Lenny became the only guitar of his estate to the public. The historic June 24, 2004, the auction of Christie auction in New York to benefit the Crossroads Centre rehabilitation facility Eric Clapton, Lenny was purchased by Guitar Center for $ 623.500.

A burly figure, to be s R. That said, however, quantify the value “Lenny” and assigning a dollar really important Could you assign this value to the effect that Stevie Ray Vaughan and his music had on the people in her life and the world Not really. After all, the story of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lenora; his music and the guitar it more affectionately known to her is, first and foremost, a love story.2005 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Custom Shop Limited Edition. This is a meticulous copy of main Strat Stevie he affectionately called Number one . 

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