Amplitube Fender SRV Guitar

A complete Fender Guitar must be used as the base for each one made by us. … conversion is filled with hardwood round stock, just as the SRV Number One.

I do not remember seeing the original gold hardware. I need regular.! Anyway, if you had the original, would not put you behind 4 “thick armored glass This is a copy Fender Custom Shop, I do not know the original neck was repaired and back on many pt -. Cheers for that was weird that people treat like crap …. guitars sound like they’re mostly all strat i see..its all striped cards and not to … i have one. cheap strat I treat them as my own baby.He was not buried with the Amplitube Fender SRV Guitar No. 1 !!! Jimmie and lent Fender for a tour of 12 of the city in 2007, with Claptons Blackie and BB King Lucille an origin.

I think Stevie’s brother René number 1. put the handle back on the original number 1 after Stevie died and gave it to Stevie’s family. I think I remember reading an interview with Jimmie where they asked him where he was and he said something along the lines of being enclosed in a vault.theres a video of Jimmy and some manufacturers master of Wing stores who flew to Texas to look at the number 1 on it and go for the replica fender stevie ray vaughan srv stratocaster guitar tribute as they made 100 or more. they sold for $ 25,000.I as was there when they laid him low. Man, it was probably the hottest wettest day ever I can remember, Texas.

I remember my asshole boss upset that I left. But honestly there was no other place in the world to be except that Oak Cliff Cemetery that day. I did not care if I lost my job. What a shock … still feel every time I hear the cat working his magic.Went to school in Austin – SRV seen in small clubs with other groups and other things. Great player! Texas son! That’s just a rumor, his brother Jimmie Keepa it locked in a safe as well as other guitars on the SRV Stevie .the finally faded corner and put it on the pick guard, but he was in a font different.

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