SRV Guitar Amps Sale

There were only 100 of these replicas made at the Fender Custom Shop. Comes with a case of theft Anvil special cover and strap like Stevie. Includes all documentation and original DVD. Very collection of vintage guitar market as they rarely come up for sale. It does not last long. Call or email for pricing and more details.One of the greatest guitarists of all time, Stevie Ray Vaughan, was and will always be remembered for his soul music, his revolutionary style of play and his distinctive Fender beat -up Stratocaster SRV Guitar Amps guitar.

Affectionately known as “Number One”, this guitar in the hands of Stevie helped Texas Blues to the forefront of popular music in the 1980s, and together, Stevie and “Number One” has inspired a new generation of young and old to pick up a Stratocaster and try to recreate some of their magic.In honor of legendary guitarist and his guitar musicians and srv guitar book , the famous Fender Custom Shop is proud to announce that in January 2004, will offer a limited edition Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Model “Number One” Stratocaster. These guitars have been ordered for the Custom Shop of the estate of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and only 100 replicas will never be built.

Recently, a team composed of Richard McDonald Fender, George Blanda, and Mike Eldred visited guitarist Jimmie Vaughan in Austin, Texas, Dissect the guitar from his brother, and scientifically sound recording every aspect of measuring the output of each of the three single-coil pickups and the tension of their copper wire, digital weighing each piece of wood and equipment, measurement body shapes and neck and their contours, and using a compass to measure every nick, scratch and wear mark on the guitar.Adds Eldred, “Just about the only thing we will not be unable to reproduce is the ability to play Stevie Mojo … not included! ”¬†

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