SRV Guitar Backing Tracks For Sale

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I think he was the best guitarist that ever lived and he was ahead of his time. If he were alive today, he would not question who is the best! May God rest your soul Stevie Ray Vaughan and thank you for giving us the best guitar playing ever and Awesome Music I want to see a very good survey honest – at least a million votes from fans on average, THEN: the top 5 guitarists the right to vote and their votes count each 4% of the total, # 6-10 vote, accounting for 2% (each) of the total, # 11-20, each of their votes for cash 1 % of the total, accounting for 20-50 1/4% of the total votes of fans.

So eventually fan votes count 53% and the best guitarists (as determined by the votes FAB) would be the count of 47% .Although s R, since many of the best guitarists are dead, the number would most affected by fan votes as 53% .I see Jimi Hendrix is number one, but Stevie Ray Vaughan circling around Jimi Hendrix and even played a few songs from Jimi Jimi played BETTER than the Stevie Ray … Vaughan Texas Blues created and never messed up and was kept immaculate and was the best ever.Another great guitarist who should be ranked higher. I heard almost everyone on this list and it seems that the criteria being ranks higher than the character and style speed and technique.

I think the character and style are what distinguish the personality of the player. Stevie have a lot of time and should be classified higher.If you can honestly hear anything by Stevie Ray Vaughan and said Slash is a better guitarist then you must have your head examined seriously. Hendrix and Vaughan should be # 1 and # 2 and the figures are interchangeable in my book. Richie Sambora better than SRV I can not even read. You give me a real headache with SRV Guitar Backing Tracks  and my blood pressure is through the roof.I assume that this is a popularity vote, not a vote by people who actually have an idea of playing the guitar. Not include Stevie Ray in the top 3 is to say Tiger Woods is an average golfer. What a useless list of “Greatest Ever”. 

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