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For blues guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughan – who died in a fiery … neck – known as his “First Wife” or “Number One”, but he had many others.

I am writing a long argument when I realized that probably nobody would read it, so I’ll just summarize my point of closure: If the two took the stage together, the level would be illuminated certainly cause the world to explode. Except that I can not help but speculate that if Hendrix would probably outperform Vaughn, Vaughn would be able to thwart Hendrix. Hendrix innovative, influential, and was revolutionary – the best it ever was; I think that distinction should go to Stevie Ray Vaughn Vaughn.Stevie Ray at No. 30, Come on, that’s just crazy. In an interview there are about 20 or 25 years, BB King asked, “impresses you as a guitar player,” his response was: “They say I’m the king, I say Stevie Ray Vaughan is my be. ”

SRV was and still is, one of, if not The the most talented guitarist of all time. Discover restitution SRV Voodoo Chile by Hendrix. Jimi would say “AMN this boy can play” .How are Slash, Kirk Hammett, Synyster Gates, Herman Li, and Billy Joe Armstrong STEVIE above Stevie has created a whole new way to play it, blues brought back from the dead and torn IT UP! Kirk flew solo Dave Mustaine, Slash is really nothing special (it takes no more “feeling” in someone else’s guitar), Synyster Gates … (palm face). Herman Li plays only a pile of notes very quickly, and Billy Joe Armstrong is no better than average guitar player. Stevie really deserves its top 5 place.

If this is purely on merit “Guitarist”, then consider; the way we Hendrix changed Rock & amp; Roll, Stevie changed the blues; that, with this kind of sister Jazz, was where many SRV Guitar Body  purists felt that the best and most emotionally raw players were and are. Which, together with my Stevie’s degree three make him the undisputed greatest of all time. The only man who played better than Jimi Jimi was Stevie.How can you not have Stevie Ray Vaughan as one of the top guitarist ever 

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