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One of the most interesting things about Stevie Ray Vaughan was the diversity of … Number One possessed a deep, growly tone that was instantly identifiable.

He is the only person who could play the songs of Jimi properly, and just watch this video and you’ll soon realize that it is an absolute travesty that he (and other legendary blues guitarists ) are not in the top put down his untimely death leading to a lack of exposure among the general contempt for the blues as a dominant genre in modern 3.I generations. If you’ve never heard of SRV or have not seen their lives, I strongly suggest you check it out. Just watching him play is a joy.No doubt it is my favorite guitarist, gender (blues-rock) is by far my favorite, and I love to listen to all the songs he played with SRV Guitar Cable.

Stevie for me was # 1 for any guitar player, and there are some that should pass before SRV, no player improvises like Stevie did. He did not play music, it did … all the time. Nobody had and can not reproduce the tone … I want to see Slash Stevie pick No. 1 and play the 13’s on a vintage radius neck and to stop triple curve Stevie cranked all night. I think this should be a Method ranking when comparing guitarists. Who could pick ax and play each other the other guys c chops … who had the most recognizable voice after hearing two / three notes … Hendrix, Van Halen, SRV, Angus Young … who else belongs here

Nobody could play c chops Stevie … well s R Stevie would have a hard time playing Steve Vai which I think should rank high on this list … he is the Schredder.It Schredder is not a matter of his taste or musical appreciation for the blues, or any other kind of music. Stevie Ray Vaughan was, and always will be the greatest electric guitarist who ever lived. SRV could even be the greatest musician who ever lived – he was really masterful and in a place all by himself.How is newer player like Synyster Gates in the top 5 and a legend like Stevie Ray Vaughn not in the top 10 

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