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Video How to play SRV licks on a number one replica with the SRV tone by Yaniz Custom Guitars, upload by Ya niz in Music. download video karaoke beat.

SRV Voodoo Child played just as well if not better than Hendrix. The thing is with Vaughan played guitar behind his back.Are you crazy Slash SRV first 30 Really Now there is someone who Conna T not real music, normally I would write a whole paragraph to people like you, but you’re a cause too far-lost hair when it comes to the music.Simply best … He laughed in pure astonishment Jimi (those who know what I mean) .I think Stevie Ray Vaughan should be in list number 3 … And that ever happened to Jeff Beck .. How can he not be in the list … Or Carlos Santana!

STAMINA, which is all I have to say. This man could play forever! The things he could do with a guitar has never been done before or duplicated since.SRV has combined blues and rock and do it with the right amount of emotion. He took off where Jimi left. He was the next in what will be a long line of big blue rules man! He plays with feeling! “Blues is easy to play but hard to feel” .How the hell rates head higher bucket and stevie ray ray.Stevie is a true master of the electric SRV Guitar Center¬†guitar.Jimi stevie then the rest are questionable . Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac very underrated.

It is unfortunate that it is not ranked higher if you pla t you expose his talent and great sound.The best to have ever lived and died too soon! His style has not been equaled or matched.Pure Stevie Ray Vaughn and simple kick ass and he had the soul and you can not evaluate it with a chart.One the largest absolute. His solo on “China Girl” by David Bowie is liquid ecstasy on the ears.Come! SRV should in no way be this low on the list! He was a guitar GOD if ever there was one! It should at least be in the top 10! I would put this at number one man! Stevie Ray Vaughan is the best guitarist in the world they call him a white Hendrix but it is much better than Hendrix.¬†

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