SRV Change It Guitar Pro Sale

Hello there, Like most others, I am a fan of No. 1. I made a No. 1 tribute guitar. I reliced sunburst Strat body and put my most heavily used neck.

2008 Fender Stratocaster Stevie Ray Vaughan. It has been several changes in the pickguard. I finally decided the Pearl Fender Guard was the one I preferred. I put away several others, including the original “SVR” black guard it came with. I have multiple sclerosis neck one way, but the number “one” of the original Stevie attached.Unlike this guitar is absolutely immaculate.I traded on the bridge saddles to Graphtech string savers and gold copper foiled all cavities to calm a little single coil pickups. Still have the original set aside.

Pickguard is stamped ML which is always seen in 1992 SRV strats all solder joints are available origin the real deal here with tons of tone to spare, comes with all the case candy you see this guitar is for guranteeed player and serious collector to increase in value as indicated they become harder to find, the secret is 1992 SRV are great players with great neck profile so that you can get This will not last, comes with wing tweed case, the seas bidders if you pla t e -mail for the best shipping price.

The SRV Change It Guitar Pro¬†Signature Stratocaster debuted at the NAMM Show in January 1992, although planned Fender Custom version Shop in the late 1980s, they are still relevant models.Story wants the famous “SRV” stickers on the pickguard Stevie had disappeared and asked replacement labels while doing the Tonight Show. The staff gave him Letraset script lettering style and Stevie loved literature so much that he suggested that the lettering be engraved on the pickguard, as it appears t on his signature style.¬†

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