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SRV Reference – I think I found my ‘Number One’! … Dabo Man, my Robert Cray strat was a beast as soon as I changed out the 50s pickups.

Hands down the greatest guitarist ever. No one can match his talent and emotions he has pure game. The SRV Guitar China are not appreciated as much as rock and roll, but SRV was and still is the best guitarist ever to get their hands on a guitar.Stevie Ray Vaughan is by far the best guitarist at least the second best in c Jimi tee. He wrote about the best songs ever to be heard, known, Texas Flood. With its killer intro and solos throughout the song. NUMBER ONE SRV.Why SRV is not top five or top three, baffles me. The only guitar that can bring a tear to the eye. This man understood the blues and left everything on stage. Greatly undervalued.

Absolutely the best! Jimi Hendrix Plays better than … listen Voodoo Child Stevie play and you understand what I mean! How the hell can you put above Slash SRV I think it was better than Clapton, Beck and Page (the other three should be top 5). Of course, I’m old enough to have witnessed his genius live three times. He was a national treasure.It’s a shame that SRV re Ilo no more rewards for his impressive guitar playing. Eric Clapton wishes he could play the blues that well. The only guy who could wear a boa and be more manly than Rambo!

Stevie Ray Vaughan deserves a hell of a lot more credit then most people give him. They talk about Hendrix be the best, he could not hold a candle to Stevie Ray Vaughan.He was the best guitarist ever. Definitely my favorite. And now, when I started learning to play the guitar, it is my idol.Yes others are great … But Stevie was great! But short-lived when he played you literally heard his soul out of the chain ties and pick ups … Unbelievable! Jimi died. His mind moved into Stevie. Stevie death. I wonder who got it now and when we read their obit.The one person, in my opinion (the only one that matters) that even comes close to Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray’s.¬†

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