SRV Guitar Chords Sale

La Strato SRV nasce come replica della famosa “Number One” di Stevie Ray, quindi la base di partenza è una strato vintage del ’61 o del ’62.

All this is false if SRV list does not even crack the top three. It should be number one in my books. Nobody has the emotion and talent s R he had on stage. Everything he played was just amazing. We should not be that lucky to still have with us today.He is not only the best player of all time, but also completely underestimated. It is always undercutting in the list of guitar players. He hits every note beautifully and blues back to popularity. This list makes me so mad.There is only a guitarist I’ve heard, whose mind is audible when he plays. If it does not give you a shiver down your spine when you hear it you do not play really enjoy music.

Stevie Ray Vaughn is the best guitarist I’ve ever heard. Each SRV Guitar Chords guitar has a style and it is a matter of personal preference. I saw them all and yes I would not say it was better than Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen, but I do not think he should be in the top spot 10.Jimi is justified, but should be under SRV Hendricks. Page, Clapton and Eddie Van Halen are all legends of time and nobody can deny it, but the pure soul, passion, courage and heart that was put into each note that Stevie Ray Vaughan played could never be matched. I play the guitar and play the level and intensity that SRV did it with such ease that punishes you beyond belief. Slash should not be there.

Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash should replace Duane Allman, Gates and Angus. Angus and Gates are not top 50 page 10. Kirk Move to 10 if it will stay this list.How people here so sadly deprived of putting someone outside maybe Jimmy above this god among men Almost all the artists above look like amateurs in comparison. Music is now the state is heartbreaking.Are we are deluding ourselves Prince and others like Richie Sambora and Bucket Head to Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Mayer A Joke! Stevie could shred all those he met. But that is not what it was. He was making love to his music. It was to show the world he was the best that he could not reapply the blue for the general public.  

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