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Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat Tom Wheeler. ^8 frfc \ CHAPTER … The SRV Strat is modeled after Stevie’s famous Number One.

Stevie Ray Vaughn is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and is even considered by some as the greatest blues guitarists. Unlike some guitarists listed above, not only SRV Shred the SRV Sale guitar. It is capable of playing the guitar with as much technical as those who shred, but his music is so tone and emotion. It is more than just a great guitarist, he is also a great artist. Must be at least greater 3.Music should not be a competition, that being said; I had to put my two cents. I do not understand what people see in Kirk Hammet players like Zack Wylde and, they must appeal to many.

I do not see being anywhere on the classification of the list.Stevie Ray Vaughan is too low here. The only reason I’m here is to see these rankings is because I just looked utube “Stevie Ray Vaughan Live in Nashville 1987” Voodoo Child playing in the back! Incredible! Its too bad he did not live long enough to establish a well-deserved greater respect for this ranking. Top 3 in my book! How could Prince be evaluated before Vaughan Vaughan is the best there is. This shows how valuable all the best list ever … Popularity contest.Stevie Ray Vaughan should be right there at c side of Jimi. Few can cover Hendrix, but Stevie was the best few.

Not only that, but Stevie is a great guitarist and he made a lot of great songs.SRV is less than Billie Joe Armstrong And the guy from 30 Seconds to Mars I’ve never heard of This is blasphemy … Stevie is the master. listen to “Little Wing” and tell me what you think Synyster Gates is still better.Hendrix should be srv guitar decals number one for the creation of the whole culture, but SRV played with a tone and intensity that is matched by anyone. Where is Derek Trucks and Jimmy Herring in the conversation These guys are amazing! Just because you play the same for fast notes do you a great head metal guitarist not. 

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