SRV Guitar Copy Sale

S.R.V (sliqht return \ w Fender Japan added a 70s Precision and a ’75 Jazz … on Vaughan’s well- used Stratocaster known as “Number One”.

SRV is the best guitarist ever, Jimi just did crazy things on stage because he was high, Stevie Ray Vaghan makes all his music except for his homage to Jimi, Stevie also not knew not read music. “Dancing” Try to listen to Voodoo Child by Jimi and Stevie listen, you will see that Stevie is much better.I saw in 1984. It opened for Huey Lewis and the News and had just completed work on David Bowie album. Unknown at the time. I am stunned by this type of modulation back with a piece of plexiglass. He gave J. Hendrix a run for his money.How this type can not be in your top 3 .. is amazing how many people do not know what true musical talent and sad.

How many guys in the Top 10 could play a chain does sound ’12’ as Stevie Ray 2 maybe 3 Most people on this list are considered very good, but can only play two chords! Simple minds like simple music, SRV should be Top ray! Stevie Vaughan # 30 are you serious. He deserves easily top 5. Even Eric Clapton said he learned everything from this man and he thinks he was the best guitarist ever.Stevie Ray Vaughan played guitar better, faster, and more than any guitarist could dream. The only reason why people have not tribute was because they could not. Not only was he the best guitarist of all time, he showed what it meant to live and play the electric SRV Guitar Copy¬†guitar. I love you VRS.

It has soul. That’s all I have to say. When it reaches the guitar, he plays straight from heaven. The first time I listened carefully, I knew all these notes came from the heart.What you kidding I am only 10 s R Stevie Clapton is better than no offense but just the fa Including Stevie played his guitar, he was so fast and there was rhythm, I say it is up there in the top 3 with Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, if you want to hear a song that slash couldent even go hear him play Hideaway Version Texas Flood live or long version and then come back.¬†

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