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Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat Tom Wheeler. ^8 frfc \ CHAPTER … The SRV Strat is modeled after Stevie’s famous Number One.

No matter what any of you say about any other guitarist, SRV is the greatest of them all. Screw the bull on guitar fast, SRV was the most creative person who ever picked up a SRV Guitar Craigslist Sale guitar. He took what Hendrix did it.SRV and advanced to 30th place makes me think that a lot of people very specific vote here. Maybe too young to have heard of him, which is to say In any case, those who listened knows that no more than 29 guitarists him inside spacetime.SRV 30 … These are just a joke, he had great feelings, techniques and my think he played the best blues rock music.

Well, just goes to show that we are one Here and now of society. SRV was in a class of its own. I’m usually not want to try to say who was the Best . But SRV anywhere but the top 10 is a travesty.These lists are embarrassing. It is shocking to see one of the greatest ever belove mediocrity.Any someone who has already picked up a known SRV was by far the greatest guitarist of all time guitar. Hendrix would even admit that. Listen to “Texas Flood” live at El Mocambo and then you’ll enlightened.srv was so sick. I know that everyone above him is great too, but still, 26 It sounds crazy to me.

It would be srv guitar effects # 1 if he were alive today. Gone Too Soon. Took a nose dive to heaven.Svr was the best guitar player since he has sold over 7 million albums and should be # 1, but if he did not die how many other songs do Learn your guitar bar is good, yes, but he played the sky is cryen. Sad sad sad Vaughn must be at least 3. I think he is the best guitarist of all time if you do me Voodoo Chile srv belief and that will make you vote for him.Stevie ray Vaughan, 22 Give me a break … Top 5 easy.People need to learn a thing or two about music. 

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