SRV Crossfire Guitar Lesson 2014

For this lick I’m using a Fender USA Stratocaster (1989) into a Fender Super … I have no idea if this what SRV used, but it sounded closest to the reference track.

This SRV Crossfire Guitar Lesson guitar is in very good condition & nbsp !; There are some light scratches all throughout the normal use, more clearly on the back pickguard.The has some slightly heavier scratches, a few scuff marks, and there is a small chip in the finish between the horn and neck (see photo) .There are a few small bumps on the back of the neck, but nothing that gets in the way of playability.The doll has a little wear on the tip and part of the “F” of the logo is worn (see photos) .The neck on this guitar is in exceptional condition! The wood itself looks great, and there is little or no fretwear.I have a definition of this guitar down hard!

The neck is straight, action is low and the pickups sound great, I’m really enjoying the deck left, too: it seems that the whammy bar is more intuitive way.Everything this camera is ready to be packed shipped.Here professionally and is the market, if you want this ad, you know what this srv guitar fender guitar is all about, so I will not bore you with is always detail.This was made in 1994, it is the One of the first models in my opinion is better than the most recent well it’s my opinion and models can also be seen if you do some research on the forums.

I bought used in 2004 and he basically sat in the case since guitar thing is above my ability and deserves to go to someone who can really play the fa which must be played.It is in excellent condition with little or no wear. A small tripod is photographed. Original tweed case did not come to the guitar, but in my opinion this hard case holds up better.I do not need to sell, but you want it deserves to be played. The price reflects the date on which it was made.Buyer pays shipping, paypal only.  As is not guaranteed. 

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