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Flightcase and Accessory Kit – Serial Number #YS164. … Vaughan would set aside his beloved “Number One” Stratocaster and play his “Lenny” Stratocaster.

I saw Stevie twice in small venues where we could get closer. Yeah Eddie VH, Dimebag, Slash, Jimmy Page Sloppy on. PERSON and I mean NOBODY! was as big as SRV. Clapton Jagger said “this boy is going to bankrupt me” enough Said.SRV is by all means at the top of the list very high “” You want proof listen live UNREAL.He play Voodoo Child is the after a Jimi Blues not playing like it so far away.There pfft Slash should not be the list of the largest, most influential, etc. guitarists on SRV that is not top 5.Srv is the greatest guitar player who ever lived. jimi just experienced a lot of page and Jimi did not even play as fast as he is old and decreped.

I grew up on Stevie. And I’m proud to say that I am aged 13 to not teenagers prototypes as Justin Bieber freaks.Did you know that Eric Clapton was supposed to go in the plane crash that killed Stevie but he for him This means that Eric could not have been here today if he did not give up his seat!
Unfortunately, Piolot could not see beyond all the fog and crashed in Wisconsin (my home country) killing Stevie. Great musician Stevie though.Only could be a stroke of Mary Had A Little Lamb … See you tube video and get a rich natural heritage of the SRV Custom Guitar alone … I went to concerts LZ (42 years ago ) … Stevie page header in my book.

Those who look at this forum, totally sucks.SRV is easily one of the greatest guitar players ever. He deserves to be in top 5 or more. Slash sucks! It might have a couple of good solos. Does Slash have a city that gives it a monument, and he says one of the best guitar players ever (Austin, TX) I do not think so.Stevie Ray Vaughan is the best palyer guitar ever! Nobody has him over his support, stevie should be number 1! I mean have you ever heard voodo child Should be in the top 3 and with hedrix page. It takes just a guitar and your mind is blown that you just lost its sound. He was the white Hendrix. 

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