Dating Fender SRV Strat Guitar

Quando a Number One do SRV ainda era “nova” – Cifra Club. … citar. Algumas fotos do SRV com a Number One ainda “nova”.

It is not Stevie No. 1. The first index is the worn neck. A short time before his death, stage lighting came right on it & amp; broke his neck in the doll. Fender him one of the first passes SRV sig strat they are working on sent. The second is the real stumbling stone. The play failed reverse trem wood was traded to the bottom. Finally, Jimmie Vaughan reality. Nice copy well. The photos are of this meeting, because Jimmie is. This could be the Dating Fender SRV Strat Guitar might suggest. According to Jimmy this is the actual number of a contract in this video. Maybe he just said that, although to draw attention to it.

According Stevies guitar technician when Stevie died, he put the original neck back on the number one. neck that broke out under the lighting was his neck replacement while the original was to get a job done .it was the trem to Wow, I jnew it and played with heavy gauge strings .The Harder Stratocaster ever built and the best sounding I have to pay something to play once . “Lenny” is also available on the “Live at the Mocambo” DVD. He did not use it for fender srv kompas # 1. I had the chance to do a hands on inspection of Eric Claptons “Blackie” in 1978.

It is amazing how out of whack it was underbowed neck sloppy intonation. He loved as a. It was also dirty– covered with beer and other bullshit. There is a soul and atmosphere will almost these beautiful instruments are creepy. Personally, I think SRV would have looked much better on a quality instrument like a Les Paul or Gretsch falcon.It white does not look like this thing is not even bother to throw in the wood for the fireplace is not fire.Cheap players guitar. there are a few here saying stupid shit just to be trolls. like someone said “ohh the bridge was placed wrong,” they want to be dicks or they just do not know who the hell stevie was and how he played . 

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