Dillon SRV Guitar Sale

Best “Number One” replica I’ve ever seen by a long shot. … I also thought that SRV’s Strat was cool when the trem hole was drilled out.

Stratocaster world’s most famous, instantly recognizable for Has varying degrees of wear Vaughan played for most of his career. I recreated from high resolution photos of the museum shots.A ReSkin Fender Stratocaster … as the dillon srv guitar number one .Steve Harris Steve Ray Vaughan signature on the back of each doll. The cover features a luxury to carry additional items for the musician who boldly takes center stage.Nice room. Although for such a sale, I would prefer a description and more photos.

Notice how TBO JM choose increased wear over time. Video on decision Repair example shows the beginning of wear. The intermediate phase is on Abbey Road “Number One” -. Also called “first wife,” a body 1959 1962 Strat neck, re U trade in 1973, 1963 Strat with Ray Hennig, Heart of Texas Music.Number A “Number One Is the bastard beat-up Strat we all know and love. Built in 1959 a body, and (originally) a 1962 neck, he had a deep dark growl of a voice that was immediately recognizable. Even if it used all “stock” parts Fender Strat, the only parties “original equipment , he had in 1990 were the body and pickups.

Over the years, Stevie and Rene Martinez, his guitar tech, replaced the pickguard, tremolo unit, saddles and neck. Some changes were purely cosmetic, some were functional (for a particular feeling or tone), and others were out-and-out repairs.SRV guitar image Number One was obtained in 1973 in a revival of his first Strat, the 1963 he bought in 1969. According to Stevie, he saw the Strat in the heart of Ray Hennig of Texas Music in Austin. He said he knew that tobacco sunburst, used Strat was, just by looking, guitar for him. The neck was a D-shaped rosewood handle strange, very large, which is great Stevie hands like a glove.

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