Essential stevie ray vaughan

The one thing that disappointed me on this collection was that they opted for the excessively long 12 minute live version of Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. Why not the superior 8 minute studio version found on the Greatest Hits 2 collection? It seriously rocks and was one of the reasons I purchased this set. Wished I had just opted for Greatest Hits 1 & 2 instead of this bloated collection. Most of the other songs on this collection are the same versions found on the others. Why the change-up on this one song? I thought I was getting a better deal by going with this double-disc set.


Greatest Hits and “Best of” collections are for the casual listener, like myself, not the hard-core fan who likely has the individual albums to begin with and has little use for a compilation. Why throw in alternate takes of the hits? Just one man’s opinion. Still, I’m disappointed I spent this much on a CD with which I’m not entirely happy.

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