Fender Bassman SRV Guitar

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Butter (age unknown) was dug strat heard on Honey Bee and Collins Shuffle. Charley painted yellow, set one DiMarzio pickup and she gave Stevie in ’81. 87. flew very interesting guitar. Other notables: a ’58 Gibson ES-335, a Gibson Johnny Smith model used for acoustic Swang, Guild 12string Stang, ’51 Fender Broadcaster Jimbo the 1928 National Steel resonator, Gibson Messenger, some vinyl records, Epiphone Riviera, Flying V medallion, a Firebird, more more.nice video but it said 0:53 tobacco sunburst, but the number was a Fender Bassman SRV Guitar you labeld as MAIN is like a big tobacco sunburst vid other wise 5 / 5 and faved!

Nice vid, I have a replica of Charley. The only difference is mine has RFS tube mics instead of Danelectros. There are corrections, I want to fight some guitars, but I do not want to invade or sounds like a moron. I know the real story behind some if not all guitars. You should make another vid on his amps.Hey guy id be happy to hear it! I did not personally write all this, I’ve had another site. Lol yeah but I could make one on his amps so thank you for the idea! I think I’ll get a good start on this weekend! Vanilla Fudge Gutiar looked amazing in all vids I’ve seen.

just pasing on information i found while doing a little research. Yellow butter alias happens to be one of my favorite SRV strats.So that was his name Dude, you’re quite useful. I really do not think I could pick a favorite. They all sounded amazing. I did love the crazy stuff he did for number one, but again the passion he put when he played Lenny Lenny uses was amazing too. Again, principal looked really great in Cold Shot. Scotch and was sweet too. And I liked the way Which he used to Charley Tokyo. I can not choose my favorite, but if I could ever get one, I would definitely number one. 

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