Fender Blues Deluxe SRV Tone Guitar

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I love the neck shape SRV but have mixed feelings on the 12 & amp; quot; aisle. I like a little more curve, especially on the lower frets. The actual Fender Blues Deluxe SRV Tone Guitar # 1 the model was actually loosely based on a compound radius involuntary after many refrets. I do not know the details, but he started life as 7.25 & amp; quot; radius, and from what I’ve read he ended his life with something like 12th and amp; quot; at the upper end, but more to the lower curve. So in this way is the new 60 Hot Rod with his amp and 7.25; quot; -12 & Amp; quot; compound-radius could be that the SRV SRV model.

Anyway, I find the fender srv craigslist more comfortable and enjoyable to play as SRV.I also mixed feelings about the Texas Specials. Looks like they are an attempt to simulate the tone SRV obtained using chain nes heavy and start his amps, but he does not quite cut it for me. Again, after getting 60 Hot Rod, I found that I preferred the sound more authentic vintage microphones for its tone.So SRV style I love my SRV and I’m happy to keep it as my go to Eb Strat while I keep the Hot Rod in standard tuning. If I had to choose one of the two, however, I stick with the Hot Rod.

I am a player of fender srv guitars for eight years, now almost fifty years with many play and off. My wife found it necessary to gift to me for our tenth anniversary. I can not say enough about the quality and production of an artist inspired Strat. I played an Ibanez Les Paul copy in my youth and kept forever. The feel and sound of this instrument took me a long, long silence to explore and pursue my desire to rip, roar and riff a little. Special microphones Texas are beefy and feel of the oval neck and Pau Ferro board are superb (never was a solid maple fan, maybe just me). 

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