Fender Blues JR SRV Tone Guitar

The guys from Fender Custom Shop are taking apart and examining Stevie Ray Vaughan’s favorite guitar (he refered to it as his number one.

I also like how SRV used sealed tuners on Fender Blues JR SRV Tone Guitar. I prefer locking tuners on vintage sealed. It shows the # 1 didnt care how SRV what he looked like as far as its performance and reliability was.it was worn beyond repair and the neck was replaced at the end of his life, but he was started after passing.Jimmy Vaughan is one of the greatest blues guitarists of our time. It would probably be more well known had it not been eclipsed by the rise of Stevie to fame and untimely death. They are both absolutely right great.you the original pickguard has reflective letters sick 70s one looks like they are on the plastic monogrameb SRV.

I play a replica of the “Lenny”. The fender srv quotes guitar very nice sounding guitar! Lenny plays the song in this video. Which was played on Lenny Strat (named after his wife bought for him. Never seen Rory Gallagher strat Or Mike McCreadys Sure others may be in better condition. But every player is different. The guitars are treated differently.I think the most expensive ever sold was strat Blackie Eric Claptons. But I may be wrong.No offense, but I want to show you a reference that said that his guitars have been changed more than usual. exeption for Customs (Charley, the Hamiltone, butter and non-stock neck p / u), they were all pre-CBS strats stocks.

# 1 is well documented as being completely stock except for the hack-job lefty bridge and exchange some shielding materials in the pickup cavities. And they all had beefier T-bars due to the rupture. René mainly maintained these areas and put in place, and re-frets them.I heard that too. Is not hate being in a crowd of fans fake ass who does not know when not to be loud I took the custom shop decades to understand the tree chain was not located between the spaghetti logo “F” and the position of A chain .It is not Stevie’s fender srv replica guitar, and these are the guys in the shop custom. inspection did not occur custom shop. If you had read a little about the subject, you would know that. 

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