Fender Blues Junior III SRV Guitar

SRV number one replica with the SRV tone by Yaniz Custom Guitars yaniz … Number One Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Replica – Tommy Katona – Voodoo Blue.

72 fire guy or whatever you are called i watched this site René. What the fuck. He said nothing of having replicas. Loss of time, I’ll never get that piece of my life. Go bother another site. As I said before this is not a 9-11 conspiracy here. You are a dumb ass and should be blocked. FACTS. FUCK bring STRAIGHT.Why Thay are doing all this in a room of h As with Thay phone camera..like stold or somthing.if I’m not mistaken was not his number one destroyed in the accident which took Stevies life If it helps you understand it easier – for all you critics out there – you do realize that the man in black shirt on still photos at 6: 16-6: 24 is Jimmie Vaughan himself right If not, you do not know anything anyhow and you should go troll elsewhere.

You must be the person dumest the globe to demonstrate that the legendary guitar stevie ps sorry they know not what they do SRV 4 LIFE.Dunno fight someone else here, but seeing Stevies # 1 laying it makes my stomach removed hurt.I strange that the song they chose to play in this video was the one SRV did not play with this Fender Blues Junior III SRV Guitar.SRV wrote this song on guitar daughter bought for him as a gift when she slept night.you immediately say, you do not now lol, I have not had enough time to get off youtube before you answered genius.have a thought, once a while.

Do yourself a favor … take your own dr advice.its How the insecurity people can Taddle on them as your case.According tech Rene Martinez Stevie. When Stevie died strung with 11 (Thiat is just 11 because, according to Rene, Steve had brought his hands so he could not play 13 more) and gave it to Jimmy. Now whether or not it has been restrung, which knows.One his bios says the original handle was damaged by a certain stage of equipment that falls on it and was the reason the neck was replaced. I bet you’ve been sitting there all this time waiting for your “email notification” to let you know that you have a responce … your brother is here … get over yourself. 

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