Fender Blues Junior SRV Tone Guitar

Cerca fender stratocaster stevie ray vaughan number one tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati. Naviga tra le offerte di fender stratocaster stevie.

Buy the book’day by day, night after night “…. If you like SRV as I do is a must. What a man, what a great man of humble heart who played that he felt, and it showed. I Miss You … SRV of soul to soul brother! You had to be restrung after Stevie died. He was playing the guitar with a different end to the handle because it neck / sleeve of origin should be re-fret but could not manage another job re-box. You can see how the frets are worn. The Fender Blues Junior SRV Tone Guitar pass / original neck was put back on it and the guitar was given to Jimmie Vaughan Stevie after death.

What crap. Whoever shot this need a lesson in camera work and there is nothing to check this guitar is anybodys same SRV. Put the file on-site, it is authentic.I feel that the person who shot it did not know what a camera or had an idea of how to use this great introduction one.They talk about number 1 but Lenny play -which was played on “Lenny” -a SRV’s wife bought him that guitar was not # 1! And how did you manage to answer immediately Why not spend your time learning something about SRV instead of ringing your mouth about something you are quite ignorant of yourself and the digging of a larger whole, stupidity and lies to each answer

It is useless to talk to you, you have nothing real to contribute on holes level.8 8 screws for pickguard. Equipment replaced in about 85 or more. Maybe by René. Since gold. 8 to 11 of the pickgaurd. Including tuners I think # 2.DON’T neck down! You may like DING IT UP! Jeez, this thing is fucking piss beaten. Note the custom shop guys: build one like it a few times and run over with a truck, and then throw it in the same cage the gorilla luggage advertisements. due out on right.that not Stevies guitar. a copy of this fucking wanker and a shower to view as legitimate. 

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