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I know too! It kills me! I just wish I could sit down and talk with him for like 20 minutes at least and talk about his personality and thagt all good things. I love Stevie and the Fender.com SRV Guitar . damn it doesnt get better than this. so much soul in the song, thank you and Stevie can always rest in peace.definitely life without you too. Stevie is the pure raw emotion amazing behold.I just remembered that! Thank you! I spend my day just Jammin PICKIN and stuff to look at El Mocambo, Tokyo, Austin City Limits, ect. And I really noticed how much easier you could understand the Fender.com SRV Guitar  even when he cleaned his albums!

But it is really the heart and soul of blues.but Could it be that this song is sung by stevie his brother …. a song born decades tt in his heart for his brother but he was never able to put it all together until the two met again much later in their lives when sober …. finally it looks really surpassed his brother in the professional recognition … . only to die when he did. I need regular. (And I definitely do not mean to take away or deminish Jimmies 2 achievements because he is equally accomplished in his profession) srv.My rip stinkin friend borrowed this CD SRV 15 years ago and never gave it back ! More Rolling Stones and a whole bunch of other cabinet.

Pics impressive grace of my favorite fender srv wiki guitar that my friend would play and we sing, he became the anthem of the morning Stevie Ray thank you for the spirit you are your music is magic RIP PS I even lose a friend year and a half and this song will always be in my heart with him and with tears in his eyes so that the words are too true for us he went his way and I mine I wish he could hear without life you live with speech perhaps he would not have lived life by the first acoustic drop.also released Jimmy said if Ive read where some years ago.  

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