Fender Custom Shop SRV Lenny Guitar

number one srv and burial. youtube srv lenny. The conversation was actually very light; there was nothing heavy in it. It was just like.

Because of frequent refretting the handle of origin became unplayable in the late 80s and was traded to the neck of another guitar in stable Scotch Vaughan. Ironically, just a month before his death, a piece of stage rigging fell on Number One and broke his neck at the headstock. He was the Scotch neck and not the original that was destroyed. Martinez has acquired a replacement Fender and Stevie was without the use of his favorite guitar for one show. After the death of Stevie Ray, René replaced the neck with the new number one original and the guitar was returned to the family of Stevie. It is now Stevie’s brother Jimmie.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the guitar behind Jimmie Vaughan Number One. I do not get the chance to take pictures of this Fender Custom Shop SRV Lenny Guitar. It is a 1963 Stratocaster & nbsp; (Depending on the platen glass) with a maple neck Schecter (sporting a Fender sticker on the head) and a salacious girly sticker on the back of a number body.Just lives in LA Grammy Museum. amazing to see it up close. I was also told not to photograph, but I’m me discreetly. The gouge above the pick guard is huge, like someone dug a big wooden spoon out of the body. I love the color now is like the perfect age Stratocaster.

watched this video guitar for many years, to see up close many thought was spiritual.I Stevies broken neck cuz him recreate a tour of his brother jimmy by bouncing on the wall and catch. R yall now that a piece of equipment fell on her and broke or cracked the headstock. This false story is next.hi andrew … a piece of equipment fell on her a few weeks before Stevie was killed.stevie himself was almost killed in the accedent, it was folded down when the room swayed from the ceiling and has hit all of his guitars, broke his neck 1, the neck was later bought by someone and it shows the guitar shows. 

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