Fender Custom Shop SRV Number One

MACHINE HEADS, Gold Plated Fender/Gotoh® Vintage Style Tuning Machines. HARDWARE, Gold Plated. PICKGUARD, 3-Ply Black with Engraved SRV.

Congratulations to pick up the Fender Custom Shop SRV Number One guitar. I had a crappy guitar when I started and I thought I wanted a particular sound, too, but there’s more to it than that. A guitar is more about the feeling, as is in your hands. My point is, u should find a guitar that feels perfect and add the microphones / sound correct. U should go to a guitar store and find the guitar is good for u, it does not matter what price or brand, get one that is good for u. Have fun, keep you very playing.Thank much.And you use paper or S aluminum for me that great tone

You are correct sir. The fact that you can detect things like that is a good sign. I learned most of this song that I thought I could, but a lot of rough spots to solve. be able to hear that there are differences as it’s going a long way toward maintaining a humble attitude towards improvement.one of my favorite guitars and a gentleman was impressive cover.I like this fender srv stratocaster controls guitar, I have a terrible as mine has not been well maintained good feeling. I did adjust the frets to 12 gauge strings but then I went back to 11 The tone is not quite right. I do not know if you already have one, but it would be cool if you could make a video about maintaining a strat.

Stevie is that you Did you get a haircut or something Wow is all I can say your nice guy! hot cover.What you want more in life than being able to play as a I am very impressed. Anthony Stauffer you’re a real hurricane! Soft play and a sick strat also like the fa Whose vibrato is on the side opposite, much easier to integrate into a man … IMO.nice reading this string of gauge are ya using Nice mate.Why not play the guitar reliced look Stevie had Hey Anthony! Congratulations on your new fender srv stratocaster copy guitar !! It seems incredible! I wondered if there was the possibility of a SRV / Kenny Wayne Shephard comparison in both clean sounds and more covered.

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