Fender Custom Shop SRV Stratocaster Number 1 Guitar

This is a beautiful reproduction of the famous “SRV” Strat, made from MIM parts. It’s used but in mint condition. Drop by The Guitar World Mississauga to check.

will you ever upload a video of you playing the No. 1 Ray Vaughan Fender Stratocaster SRV Stevie If you pla t answer my comment.How much is that American money I saw one at Guitar Center they wanted US $ 2,895.00 for it. So I bought an American Delux and made 13 of them and grew action. with microphones Texas I can get your work rather than VRS close.great! most guys on here just a relic 62 reissue that poly-over and look and sound like death. I was also a relic of SRV in Nitro and spent a little over more than 500 hours on it. I also talked to Rene and got all the little details.

This is by far the best relic i’ve seen on the web! Keep it up! We all know that this song is great and all, but why not put a SRV here. Perhaps the chief d’oeuvres Lenny.I’d as you contact Renee Martinez (guitar technology Stevie and a hell of a player himself) .cant people stop making these guitars !! ruin his real name !! Can I just draw everyone attention to the fact that this fender custom shop srv stratocaster number 1 guitar started life as an off the shelf signature series Fender SRV SRV guitar.Look to commit a crime performance boat. The original neck was very dark so my vid is the darker side stock in low light and a cheap camera.

Thats what should have happened. I want to be buried with my guitars. after all, it is what he loved and I dr most.Thats it. The doll is a reproduction of the original doll No. 1 (Look Up commit a crime) before the accident where he got smashed with a lighting system down. Neck replacement real # 1 was after this accident was a custom neck controlled by ZZ-Top and SRV presented as a gift. This is the neck true No. 1 had at the time of the untimely death of SRV and the fender srv stratocaster tone guitar neck was reproduced by line SRV Relic signing guitars.stevie Ray Vaughan is teaching everyone how to play in the sky the guitar.

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