Fender Fuse SRV Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 〝Number One” replica guitar. (photographed near One Eyed Jack’s, New Orleans) … Source, 09 Stevie Ray Vaughan replica guitar.

So now your worried spelling LAME !hold the point moron! you are the ONLY one that keeps coming up on this “Magic Tone”! Anyone with knowledge of guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals knows that there is nothing magical! the point is that you said that you can take any FENDER on the shelf and theFender Fuse SRV Guitar #1 IT sound like Stevie! you keep ignoring this statement because you know its stupid, stupid and stupid does !! Then you have the BIG EXPERT right LMFAO! number one guitar SRV is in a room in the h such jank ass … this is a complete fake .. some parts of the guitar look nothing like the original.

The neck of the guitar which was destroyed in the accident. The custom shop bumper is an exact copy of the neck for him when they replaced the pickguard wich was also destroyed when the neck is out. It was hit so hard that he broke off the headstock, neck and removed the bolts damage the pickguard in the process. So the new logo on the SRV pickguard.And a fold insofar guitars Jimi Hendrixs, which is a very good statement. But Jimi did not really have a special guitar he always played.This can not be his Number one He got shattered when some lighting rig fell on her. It was never repaired. H used another thereafter.

We always talk about the woodstock strat, but as far as Jimi was concerned there was no other thing about all the others, he played. SRV # 1 selling as well as its lifetime.This is the story of the last years of the guitar as I remember .. The neck was refretted several times. The last work of freight was done with the notion of technology said his guitar “this is the last time I can refret any more and it will not be able to do the job.” Now I remeber also the story of a statue to fall on one of the guitars Srvs and break his neck, but I do not know if it was “Number One” or one of his others. 

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