Fender Fuse SRV Tone Guitar

The making of a wooden guitar-table. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s number one stratocaster. Handmade stylish furniture. Size: 1.25cm x 0.87cm. Contact: dimitrisstatha.

Heavy gauge strings and being a SOB gave us the muscular tone we know n love. Its a combination of many things … You should stop and consider how you sound stupid 2 argue about something that is obviously based on many factors, not just 1.pretty amazing that Fender can not not use a song was played on the Fender Fuse SRV Tone Guitar that video is fucking about..Lenny has always been played on another Strat (known as Lenny) with a maple neck..not the number one that they show here.Most do not know, but Rene had some guitars made to look like a number because the current number one was struggling to stay tuned.

The replicas had different stickers. Here’s how you can tell that this is not the true number one. Search Hittin ‘Ezine Interview w / René Martinez – “The reissues SRV” on youtube it says a lot.They done (and still do) a SRV sig Strat. Stevie has worked with Fender before his death. It has a tremolo in the left hand, gold hardware, pao ferro fret board with jumbo frets. I had one and let it go – the neck was huge. The vid. # 1 was that Jimmie has left the vault you. The Fender Custom Shop copied exactly to that B h Tel. They did a very limited premium term – I think less than a thousand instruments. The whole story was in Guitar Player.

Who says I do not know the difference ,, I just typed the wrong word ,, it is called a mistake !! as you being born !! Yes you are so SMART !! So you tell Stevie had done nothing for one of his guitars has not changed pickups LOL !!! He got the sound he wanted on the shelf RIGHT !!! ok ,, you continue to believe ,,, but the rest of us who know better to live in the real world !! You must read on Rene Martinez and what he has done on guitars Stevie !! Assholes have all kinds of reasons why some instruments have magical powers, but when it comes time for them to put their money where their mouth is and actually betting on the contr The blind up, suddenly, they begin to babble and make excuses. LOL and the “master of the fender srv pickguard replacement guitar tech.” 

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