Fender Mustang III SRV Tone Guitar

SRV (Service) record points one domain to another domain name using a specific … As with MX Entries, lower numbers are used before higher numbers.

The Fender Mustang III SRV Tone Guitar¬†was Bob Bullock Museum a few months ago. they had an exibit of Texas music. I’m blown away when I turned and saw there. I did not bother to pay the absurd price to park and get it when I saw it. also the main white strat his brother Jimmy was there to too.It fucking amazing how people can not close their mouth and just enjoy the music during a live broadcast. I agree with the guy at 3:19. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Series Stratocaster wing has no Rosewood, Pau Ferro has a handle … my father owns one of the first Fender products.

They are supposed to wear white when handling this instrument invaluable gloves! Thank you poster, guitar is very special to say the least. I wonder if he still has the same strings and as from the day of the accident I think Jimmy has now maintains and store it in a box with the rest of the stuff SRV. I remember reading about the Custom Shop inspection of the guitar and it was very interesting. The model they have a flatter radius more modern handle pleased t vintage 7 1/4 because the number was refret so many times, it was razed in time.

Kind’ve like looking over the writings of Thomas Jefferson. Or gloves Muhammad Ali. (If they had mainly used the same pen or gloves throughout their lives) The tool used to make history … WOW! No one else could make him do his job. The artist is gone, but still lives !!! RIP SRV.Don’t bother to answer because I’m done with you ,,, you believe what you want ,,, I do not care !! I know I’m good and that’s all that matters to me !!! your wrong, but just to see your stupid !! Stevie Rays guitar was stolen during a concert in New England. I do not think it was recovered. With me being a fan and my uncle being a super-fan I we have heard of this beleave.¬†

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