Fender SRV #1 Tribute Guitar

Getting SRV tone is not a customer support issue though so you aren’t going to …. SRV’s Number One did NOT have Texas Specials.

Stevie bought this Fender SRV #1 Tribute Guitar at Guitar Shop Charley in 1983. He was originally a Stratocaster Sunburst, but it was painted red by Fender Custom. Guitar remained in the stock status until 1986 when Rene Martinez took the neck to replace the Number One Stevie neck, and a rosewood fretboard installed 1964 left. At the same time, Stevie added: “SRV” stickers on the pickguard.Stevie often played this guitar live for “Love Struck Baby” and “Pride And Joy” .This guitar was made by Charley Wirz – Own Guitar Shop Charley in Dallas in 1984. He has a white strat style body with a rosewood fretboard, two contr the (volume and tone) and Danelectro lipstick pickups.

This guitar was made by Stevie James Hamilton, a guitar builder from Buffalo, NY, who gave Stevie on April 29, 1984 as a gift item for Billy Gibbons, who ordered the first guitar in 1979 The Main aka “could not stand the weather guitar” has a neck-through-body design (unlike other guitars played Stevie), a two-piece maple body, ebony fretboard with mother of pearl inlay that read ” Stevie Ray Vaughan pickups “and EMG pre-amplification. When recording could not stand the music video Weather microphones were damaged, and soon after replaced by Fender Vintage single-coil.

Stevie has this guitar in 1985, Baltimore or “The Boathouse” in Norfolk, Virginia. It was supposed to be a price to one of the shows of Stevie, but he decided to give another guitar and keep it for himself.The guitar has a caramel finish and a custom pickguard tabby made by René Martinez and. Of course r, a “SRV” sticker Stevie used this guitar in case of problems with the number one, or independently of that -. live for songs such as “Let My Girl Alone” and “Superstition” 

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