Fender SRV Avis Guitar

A complete Fender Guitar must be used as the base for each one made by us. … conversion is filled with hardwood round stock, just as the SRV Number One.

Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hands down the greatest muscian to hold a guitar in his hands and pinch stings. When he played he made the Fender SRV Avis Guitar his own voice is the thing speaks like nobody else could. Whenver I hear him play, you know right off the bat that the man thats the song plays. Nobody can or will never play like Stevie. It is the largest still living handily RIP SRV.If man himself was there now it could tell you the music is back in the world. He was a musician and a source of the most brilliant ever play a guitar guy inspiration. RIP SRV. You are truly missed.

And I think we should also remember to give a tip of the hat to Jimmie Lee. He not only takes care of the legacy of his brother (a very noble and honorable thing to do), but, frankly, if there was no SNIDs, more technology, we would not have many goodies and beautiful things we have today, as the whole box of SRV and others. Jimmie must have taken a long time to dig through the truck and get all the stored tracks, then put it all together for us. Nice powerful, I would say.Jimmie Vaughn has the number one original.

In fact, I saw several of these guitars in the Dallas Guitar Show. If you go to the website at the top of the box you glass in the vid, you can find more information – if you are interested. Thank you again for the extract! I wish I could leave my wife and children in this box of glass bring the house guitar. Do you think the box you are “served” I thought it was cuz my uncle knew stevie for a while and he said he would be buried with it.I read Jimmie SRV No. 1 with him at all times … When Fender wanted to document SRV guitar, they met at an undisclosed hotel.And, even if its cold put a replica to commemorate SRV blood …. kinda sucks that a lot of people (in this case video man) think actually his guitar SRV.¬†

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