Fender SRV Brazilian Guitar

Guitarras Famosas:La “Number One” de Stevie Ray Vaughan. Como su nombre lo dice, era la guitarra favorita de Stevie.

Not A Number of Stevie … There were different SRV stickers before his unfortunate departure.they have like a thousand of them, and then they Fender SRV Brazilian Guitar¬†series artist for a bit more than 2000 dollars … as his number one, but in perfect condition, and my dream guitar.Its like a dog wondering where the owner is. Looking at it you can almost say the guitar is waiting for Stevie to come back and there is only one person who can play that guitar. It is sad to see this alone.I saw this video on Vanderbilly and I thought I check on your Youtube page. I rated this video 5 stars!

s R that his brother now, just right for the number one influence srv to keep him.I guess that’s the furthest thing Re. Too many people place a high monetary value on Number One … the real value is the Stevie connection. I would not mind playing Number One time just to know how she feels and what Stevie felt when he played his but it is preferable that it is safe.I thought the same thing, except that there is a reply, the best I’ve seen a! If anyone was able to play the first ctual woman … man I bet you can feel the energy coming from him, just the amount of history in this guitar and abilities Stevie ad make this baby sing would shake anyone if they had the opportunity Enthusiast SRV FOR LIFE.

Im Scotia ny and SRV played there in a place called as Allen in 81 ‘or 2’, being alone at the time, I have a picture of my father c beside him with the real numer 1, it is around Vaughns Neck scenes but my father got his hand on the handle, coolest shit ever! go to ultimate guitar and looking guitars on there, it has the answers you guys are fighting about.I can not believe that is a replica … They did a helluva job on that … Absolutely amazing ! Superb video and post! Thank you, man! I’m not gona say the real thing is the real lost but we do know that some people think Stevies brother or someone like A has.¬†

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