Fender SRV China Guitar

River Valley (SRV) Fire Program, which for 47 years has produced one of the largest trained groups of Type II and type II-IA … Safety is the number one priority.

Listen to the fa On which Stevie is swinging. It is all about the shuffle and be able to play behind the beat. My friend, it takes years of practice. and even then you can not get it. I’ve heard a hundred people playing SRV songs, but never heard any of them play the fa He has SRV. Indeed, no one takes the time to really listen to hear what the man was made guitar. Playing a reworking of the fa Is one SRV is hard! Good luck to you. this song reminds me of my brother and I play “pouring rain” when we were kids just thinkin bout good times.

But now were our own … my favorite SRV man thanks for the vid, it never ceases to amaze me how I connect to his music a bittersweet. Fabulous song and Fender SRV China Guitar, but his voice still tears my heart out.SRV played with so much soul and feeling … This is personally my favorite song he played. I love covering many of his songs beceause they feel so good. I wish I could write and play with a tiny amount of his feeling and soul. its kind of depressing that more people my age do not know about SRV … (I am 17) I mean, it would be my good listen this genereation pleased t that crap they call music.

This is one of the few songs that I can listen to constantly. A beautiful acoustic song, and my inspiration in my game. Thanks Stevie Ray Vaughan remains in peace.Thats great man. I love seein people so inspired by it that I am. It warms my heart just to see the fans of SRV share things on like this and I think its great memory SRV can make people share their personal lives. I love to hear this stuff. Thank you for watchin and keep Jammin man blues! I always thought it was a song about recovery. This was the underlying theme of the entire album. 

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