Fender SRV Custom Guitar

Number One originally had a white pickguard which was replaced with a black one that now adds the “SRV” logo, and a right-handed tremolo.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Doyle Bramhall and were good friends Doyle was a little older than SRV. They met when Stevie was a skinny twelve years old. Bramhall was the first person to say it was good Vaughan on guitar. Sometimes they lived together, played music together, writing songs together and celebrated together. Doyle was a musician and composer and song, life by the drop was his point of view on their lives as friends. Here Stevie Ray Vaughan – pure and raw. Just his Fender SRV Custom Guitar and powerful voice.I feel the same way On. ‘Little Stevie Was always the youngest in the crowd and in many ways Bramhall tried to protect him in his younger years.

When fame exceeded SRV he did change his life, and some have been Left behind for a time. I’m glad they got back together in end.God gave Stevie a strat and the rest is history. Man I miss that guy. His music will live forever. My biggest inspiration. Way too big for this world, where he not be here.I have heard this a thousand times. I’m a thousand more, one of my favorites of all time, one of the best for you! I love you 4ever SRV! One more after this one entirely appropriate, and if you know me, you know what the final will be. But before that, I invite you to join me in a certain “life by the fall.”  I know it by heart … but I still love reading the words.

I could not agree more. Very sad when I heard the news, there are all these years he had crashed here in Wisconsin. I am s R he had a lot of good music in it. Close friend of Stevie Doyle Bramhall wrote about Stevie and his drug and alcohol abuse, more or less as an awareness for her that her problem was bad relations with the people who loved him. After clean, Stevie was so touched by the song he recorded for Doyle. A classic story about friends drifting apart, but always with an inseparable bond.They played this mine`s a friend’s funeral last week. What a great choice! Bill got more Stevie did, he lived to 53 years, but much too short man! I need regular. 

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