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Guitarras Famosas:La “Number One” de Stevie Ray Vaughan. Como su nombre lo dice, era la guitarra favorita de Stevie.

It seems a little strange that “Lenny” has not always played on “Number 1”, but it is used for this video. In other words, at least on the videos I’ve ever seen played Lenny … could be wrong. I saw SRV play on two different nights at the Sydney Opera House could not stand the weather turned (just after the Sydney CBD floods) and memory, he played only one number and Hamilton all night two nights. So I am s R Lenny also played on number one because it is my favorite music SRV and I took the EMG 62 in my original vintage Strat and returned to the noisy simple but harmonically interesting original windings after the concerts.

Lenny was played with a number a few times. But he usually plays Lenny on the other Fender SRV Ebay Guitar Lenny.shouldveused also named a song where he uses a number instead of Lenny where he used used.Damn Stevies 59/62 sounds so hollow and jazzy not surprising that he loved so much. I bet when Leo Fender bought wood in the early & nbsp; 50 to mid 60 days pre CBS woods were so much better and just picking the first! Now we know why all those vintage Stratocaster bring large males, there is a huge difference in the resonance of the wood first vintage !

The intonation has to do with the bridge, truss rod and nut. The type of wood that really determines the overall tone of the guitar. I can not believe all these ass-Prince putting his guitar like Obviously they know nothing about a guitar. Strat each is different. I played 3 or 4 vintage Strat opportunity the other day and one I liked best was a Pignose Vintage Strat copy a customer had set me up for it. No Lie, the Pignose strategy are very good guitars and you can find them for $ 100. Alder body, Nice Vintage pickups, the C-shaped neck with a rosewood fingerboard well. It blew me away. 

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