Fender SRV Fake Guitar

This is a white 10oz ceramic mug decorated with a highly detailed hand drawn illustration of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1962/63 Fender Stratocaster.

Read description fagots. So whether in a bedroom h Tel. Nobody gives a shit. Jimmie Vaughan is part of the video.I thought the same thing and if it is true, then why the video quality shit The real thing was made before yes. It is not permanent. Jimmie Vaughan owns and has the true Fender SRV Fake GuitarĀ number one. The guitar in this video is the true number one – this video comes with custom shop replicas. Fender Custom Shop met Jimmie Vaughan and went on the guitar so that they can make accurate measurements / take pictures / etc. for the custom shop replica. End of story.

The funniest him, he did not play with the number 1. Lenny elderly finishes come as Just regular / game manipulation. It was much softer and thinner than what Fender uses these days. For a little more recent than SRV strats, Fender began essentially by coating it in plastic before painting. The same Nitro complete her have it hard coating underneath. Stevie did not. And he played the hell out of him and beat him into submission night. It is a thing of beauty IMO.It is ironic that the song used for the video to number one, was a song that Stevie never played on a number.

Also guitars are not art, they are an extension of the person who play for good or bad, it was SRV you’ll never play like him, then of course R some wealthy CEOs play will buy a guitar and say look at what I am! Stevie paid about $ 400 for his early 70s now they want 25k for liek a copy of shity him delayed! You do not know the difference, just like half of the other backward over the Internet. The proof your own writing. Anyway, he had some changes to his fender srv overlay guitars, but the point is, dumbfucks sincerely believe that he had this huge demonstrable impact , Tone when in reality he did not .

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