Fender SRV Forum Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan was not yet a star on his 26th birthday, Oct. 3, 1980, … Fame also brought a great many guitars, but only Number One and “Lenny” truly.

Well your wrong ,, and a master guitar technician tell you that! Stevie has changed this guitar until he gets the tones and sounds he wanted ,,, and has his amps too !! Stevie used many types and combinations ,, you can hear the difference in his early years until 1990 !! But the game Stevie was the key factor in its sound! No, you’re not going to have a new Fender sound as number 1 ,, – to say that is just stupid Protip: Stevie has been relatively little guitars, but he had a huge collection of amps. The reason He understood what influenced “your range” much better than your typical Internet delay.

With all do respect to the family and friends of SRV, looking at this Fender SRV Forum Guitar is almost morbid sort. I had heard it was given to his mother, and that’s cool and all. I’m not a very sentimental person, but this guitar, his No. 1, appeared to be part of Stevie. It would have been better to have laid to rest with him. Thank you for all the fuck is Stevie Stevie.What do with this guitar, it looks like it was dragged behind the car. He makes the relic this guitar and it was just to use

So millions never get to play guitar replica based on their guitar god … sounds like a brilliant idea. Fuck the people who made him famous.I have no idea what you are trying to say Just like when you talk about guitars! next time try writing ,, before turning or pull up or whatever you do! LMAO !!! Yes, your expert !!! EVERY Fender sounds like the Stevie ,, which must be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard !!! you must post a picture of the face that everyone should know that the dumbest person looks like! LMFAO! WOW you’re from the south INBREEDNG means nothing to you 

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