Fender SRV Guitarthai Guitar

SRV Reference – I think I found my ‘Number One’! … Dabo Man, my Robert Cray strat was a beast as soon as I changed out the 50s pickups.

The sounds he produced from this guitar is amazing, I saw Jeff Beck with the ax and it was awesome.I would pay one year barely stand. More to play, but it would not be fair though. This Fender SRV Guitarthai Guitar was conceived for Stevie and Stevie only. I bet money that Jimmie has not even played since the death of Stevie. Cheers Stevie, and his music! Thank you for this article. Just found you on twitter from the recommended section. I want to put this on my blog and I quote I heard you.Justin – I onne soup Stevie is why many people have bought a Strat. He got amazing sounds of this instrument.

Rick – glad you enjoyed the post! I agree … Jimmie should be thanked for letting other people take advantage of this instrument.Dave – I would have seen SRV with Beck. What an amazing sight that must have been.Jeff – I agree … someone on another site posted on the manner by which it would be this guitar played by someone else, but I think he is making music days are behind it.i was lucky enough to be his last show at Alpine Valley. makes us want to cry just looking at it.I wish I could have seen him play live once. Having seen his latest show was amazing.

I’ve seen it twice SRV. The last time, in 1990, a few months before his death. First time in 1984. Both shows were Greek. So lacking. I always think of the blues, it would be playing if he was still here.Many photos on these websites were taken by WA Williams. He very kindly allowed me to use these photos on this site. SRV guitar necks “Number One” is the bastard beat-up Strat that we all know and love. Built in 1959 of a body, and (originally) a 1962 neck, he had a deep dark growl of a voice that was immediately recognizable. Even if it uses all the “action” parts Fender Strat, the only Original Equipment documents it had in 1990, were the body and pickups. 

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