Fender SRV Japan Guitar

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Google is a great invention. Stop your (there are not the real deal comments) and pay attention. God Damn get your facts before you speak. Read 2004s wing of the front line. Different pickgaurd all black, no creases. Different stickers. Different tuners. Have you ever changed anything about your Fender SRV Japan guitars. Donkeys expensive. Surprised people do not know how many times the man wiped.Look guitar in this video. It does not look different. It is dried. 13 years of No Sweat, tears and blood. The first 2 years of GIS. Slab models were made of Brazilian rosewood. The neck was replaced in July 1990 I believe, due to an accident backstage. Stop listening conspriracies.

It is not the truth about 9-11 his fender srv quick guitar. End story.i need my guitar to sound like !!! Has Im buying a Fender soon, should I buy a used or srv relic of the 2004 model You my friend are absolutely right !! same pickup in Stevies guitar were hand injury for some inductance and load Ohms for strings, he played on come to life !! I have Texas Special pickups in my strat, tried several amps and effects, including the tube screamer Ibanez pedal stevie used, and I can not even come close to Stevie tone. not even the replica SRV Strat sounds exactly like Stevie strat.

Fender Custom or not this guitar is the holy grail of history Blues Rock, shop ….. IMO, it should have never been touched, much less dismantled after the Stevie Passin ‘. Respect, it should be hung behind glass in a museum in Texas for everyone to get to see, knowing that the last & amp; only the hands to play this guitar were SRV Although he died unexpectedly, not Stevie suddenly quite serious ass in his first 5 years to obtain recognition of its own “strat signature” WTF !! Fender Just thought I’d share with everyone who is a fan of SRV and Jimmy.¬†

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