Fender SRV Lenny Specs Guitar

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After snapping this photo, I am chastised by the security that photography was allowed inside the exhibition. As I learned in the past, it only takes once to go against muscle museum and then they follow you around for the rest of your stay. It is a bit of a chore to try give your full attention to the next room when the security guard .Only a few meters to give you his full attention. In this case, it was entirely justified it.Number One is an “American Stratocaster with tattered 1959 pickups, a ’62 neck, ’63 and a body found during the inspection of a brutally worn finish, to the whammy bar, burned cigarette doll. ”

Vaughan acquired this Fender SRV Lenny Specs Guitar instrument in 1974 from Ray Hennig’s Heart of Texas Music. When Vaughan took possession of a number, it was already well worn. What is less known is that the previous owner was was another famous musician Texas, Christopher Cross. Hennig tells a story. As I heard the story, Cross wanted something “beefy” and exchanged the Stratocaster for a Les Paul. Stevie already had a guitar loan Hennig, who had the pleasure to exchange it for the fender srv tribute strat guitar since he was much better condition.Vaughan made two appearances with “Woman” on Austin City Limits: the first time 1983 and again in 1989.

The original tricolor sunburst finish has been eroded by the rigors of years of heavy touring and abusive style of play Stevie. A closer examination of the body will reveal indentation Reeds wood above the shield repeated contact Vaughan picks. Not only nicks and scratches, but a deep gap that exposes the bare wood. Vibrato was traded to the nominal value setting up a right-handed player, the left hand so that Stevie could mimic the more exotic techniques Jimi Hendrix. Repairs were needed often enough that Vaughan break whammy bar and fret wear on a regular basis. Charley Wirz and Rene Martinez is credited with most repairs instruments for Stevie. 

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