Fender SRV Lenny Strat Guitar

FENDER CUSTOM SHOP “NUMBER ONE” TRIBUTE GUITARS. When I toured the Fender factory in California in 2001, there was discussion about a possible.

Looks amazing man !! ifreakin love Fender SRV Lenny Strat Guitar !! I would glady pay you for having made such a huge fan it.im a srv and number one would be perfect! i love it love it love it! It would have been so much better if it was the video instead of a collection of images. You must have at least put music on it. Guitar looks great though.not unpleasant to look at, but I have to say I think you’re a little too relicing … it does not look all fucking thaaaat photos srv playing.It is not stupid; it adds mojo. Those who care a lot about a guitar looking Perfect , obviously did not focus enough on the game. If the guitar feels good, you keep playing, regardless of the fa He gets destroyed.

If you become famous, and people admire your instrument because of what you did with it, people will reproduce. You’ve obviously never experienced the incredible feeling of a finely crafted instrument relic in your hands.I have a question. I’ll buy a fender srv stratocaster values and I want to sandpaper the neck to a smooth finish carpentry Idk anything what do I do after I sand the finish Like just whipe down and give it to the guitar or is their some kind of coating should I put online (I know that sounds contradictory to what I’m trying to do I just know nothing about it).

I do not understand why people spend so much of the time and effort relicing a guitar to do para Very old and “vintage” …. Just play the damn thing! Thadio Gomez Left Wing in 1956-7 ish so your pencil neck Marks & amp; Date are off, also Stevies strat had a thin veneer of pink board..not a thick slab a’la style …. From 02 to 62 & amp; I built a hundred strats @ SRV city limits El Mocombo, Austin and Alpine Vally models.The fender srv stratocaster vs jazzmaster putted the tremolo, I think it should by the party down on the first chain does exit.My Chevy no flaps so that the projected up gravels would affect sorta sandblasting. 

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