Fender SRV Mercado Livre Guitar

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When Stevie Ray Vaughan is looking for a guitar technician, he knew just the man: Rene Martinez. Martinez was an old acquaintance, a well known and repairer Charley Guitar Shop in Dallas luthier. Jimmie Vaughan was a client, and finally Stevie began to decline by the store.Martinez, a classical guitarist and flamenco which debuted in the car paint repair company and violins finish was initially hesitant to go on the road with Vaughan. And the fa Including guitarist treated some of its instruments on stage.

But Martinez was charmed by Vaughan, dazzled by his talent and seduced by its persistence – Stevie kept calling until René said yes. It has not always been an easy gig, though: Vaughan has not brought an arsenal of axes on the road; in fact, he toured with a small but popular selection of Fender Stratocaster which included the famous Fender SRV Mercado Livre Guitar Number One , his sidekick called Lenny , another called butter , one called ‘Red’, and a model called Frankenstein Charley. I need regular. (This was not a real Stratocaster, it was assembled from spare parts by Charley Wirz, owner of Charley’s Guitar Shop.) This means that life on tour for Martinez was one in which he was still in repair mode “at every show.

But its in pieces, the body of the guitar was not bad, was broke.this guitar neck also thought to have been a bumper leo own personal guitars, he has special engravings and windings.hope special collection this is a help to you … SRV always rave about slamming against the walls by dragging them on the ground by the arm vibrato, standing above them – might have .. played in his reluctance “Yes, indeed he was the Number One Fender Stratocaster. The action was quite high. The guitar was pretty beat, even while showing a lot of wear. 

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