Fender SRV Model Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Number One. July 12, 2011 By tagrocks77. As blues guitarists go, very few are in the same league as Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Although the Fender SRV Model Guitar¬†was difficult to play and it would literally drawing blood from his fingertips. I saw a little blood on the guitar one day and I said, ‘Hey, are you okay “And he said, ‘Oh, my advice start to reduce, you know.the fa On which he attacked the guitar, all came from his hands. In addition, he had his guitar tuned to E-flat, which compensated for the other variables I asked him about it once and he just said. I can not sing in E; has to be in E-flat.I told him that we could get the same tone by putting his guitar differently and use different things.

Once we started to experiment, he was very happy. He looked at me and said: How do you think up these things And I just say: Well, I’m your guitar technology. That’s what I do.Lenny was given to Stevie by Lenny [Lenora Bailey, wife of Stevie Ray 1979-1988] and some friends. It was a different color [of brownish orange color] and there was a maple neck. He used it on many different songs, but I especially remember him using it on the registration of the Riviera Paradise. It was a special guitar because he could scream and chime. Different guitars have different tones, and it seemed to really work for this song.

What it would do is it could strike the strings near the tuning machines, and then use the tremolo arm to make some kind of noise crying. Lenny seemed to make it his best for him.We were co-headlining tour with Joe Cocker. For this show at the Garden State Arts Center, we have in the first place. The place had these acoustic baffles for when bands played, and they were monsters, maybe 20 or 30 feet high and six or eight feet wide.They all against the wall and they were tied up and at the end the show, we change games for Joe Cocker, machinists drew the curtains and one of those huge speakers collapsed on my workstation, where the guitars were put in place. 

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