Fender SRV Neck Profile Guitar

And then, with the release of Texas Flood, Stevie Ray Vaughan …. Rene remembers Number One’s neck, a Fender D-style, as being the largest.

Last week, I spent about 15 minutes looking at a guitar that I listened for more than 15 years. Of course, I’m talking beloved Number of Stevie Ray Vaughan A Fender SRV Neck Profile GuitarĀ Stratocaster. It is exposed to Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, TX until October. I’m in town for a few days and I do not want to miss the opportunity to see it.When you spent hundreds of hours studying a specific guitar player to play a specific guitar, it’s a bit surreal to find standing c right side of it. I was told that taking pictures was not allowed, so I studied guitar at all angles, trying to capture as much detail as possible in my mind.

Keep in mind that this is the original neck was on the guitar when Stevie bought / traded it. Rene Martinez placed the original handle back there and presented to the family shortly after Stevie Vaughan past. Oh, and that is the guitar behind Jimmie advertising said that the number one.The guitar on the screen is actually the number one. I am s R that over the years several highly accurate replicas were made, so there is no way for us to know for sure if this is the real number one guitar. Personally, I doubt that this precious guitar is put on display with a minimum of security. It is housed inside a thick glass screen, but still …

With these doubts have noted, the optimist in me will assume that it was actually the number one, not a replica. Life is too short to be skeptical of everything, especially in situations where there is no increase to be right.The first thing you notice is the smoothness of the rosewood fingerboard. It is thin, very thin. Stevie went through hoops like some people go through batteries. You can not replace the frets on a guitar many times before that the slots should be cut deeper. This requires the neck to be shaved so that the slots are at the right height. Number One, the rosewood looks like it is painted on the maple neck.

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