Fender SRV Neck

Would anyone happen to know if there would be any mods involved with putting a SRV neck on an American Vintage 62′ Fender Stratocaster.

Great record, you are a very good player, which is obviously spent a lot of time … I know some people think it is close to the fa Including Stevie rang and the very thing played.It and not even the fa including Stevie played this song. I do not mean to be rude, quite the opposite, in fact. Many people do not realize how special Stevie really was. Speed, tone, the chain does mute, elbows, ect, ect.Stevie was in a league of its own …. I heard Joe Bonnamassa stat recently on the anniversary of the death of Stevie that the great thing about Stevie is that you can buy a $ 300 strat and sound like him.

I just want to point out that Joe Bonnamassa may, in some delution of magnitude believe in his head, he is better than Fender SRV Neck Guitar, he could play all his songs when he was twelve years ….. Keep dreaming Joe nobody cares about you or your music.NOBODY shit will never be able to fill the shoes of SRV !! Your’e not just a one note player you really groove-like SRV did! I always thought tx specials are not really nail the sound of SRV and people prefer the Fender 57/63 pickups to get some metal growl. But they really do their job If you pla t slow down and make a statement.

Look at your right hand is very entertaining. It looks like a dead fish flop around.The tone and feel that is absolutely incredible. Great sound ! Its a SRVstrat, you can not go wrong with this one all so interesting to note that a special puppies texas in my oppinion the best sounding single coil pups in the world. Did you get lucky and get your fender srv stratocaster builders¬†with Brazilian rosewood handle When I bought mine in “91/92”, I checked … until a few days ago (do not matter to me) when / while detailing the handle I noticed horizontal slits that feature Rosewood (emerged). Even if it was Pau Ferro neck is 22+ years and invaluable to me.¬†

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