Fender SRV Number 1 Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of those kids that when they a guitar, pour … At some point a piece of stage rigging had fallen on Number One.

It has always been the same to work with. When it was cleaned, you know, his game better. It’s like someone who has had a couple of drinks in ’em – they sing like they do and they play like they do. It was never a bad thing. One day, however, he decided he did not want to do any of these things anymore. But he was always Stevie Ray Vaughan to me.We enjoyed each other’s company very much. We were there for the duration of our lives. If we do not have to agree on a particular day, it was because I was a bad day or had a difficult day.It was a strange night for me after the show was over. I did not know what to think.

And, of course r, once I got the h And as I re Ois a phone call at about six in the morning telling me that Stevie had died in a helicopter crash I could not believe what was happening. I could not cry or anything because I could not believe what was happening until later … later it hit me. I lost a very special friend.You tell someone who can take his place Because nobody can ever, and nobody ever will. But there are people who play like they do, and why they act as they do is because of who they grew up with. You can hear a person playing the blues BB King or Albert King.

And if they are good enough to play, they are good enough to copy, imitate. But hopefully you put in your own juices and everything becomes “Number One” Stratocaster of you.Stevie Ray Vaughan is among the exhibits to October 14 at the History Museum Bob Bullock Texas State in Austin. The guitar is exclusive to the museum. You can find more information on the “Texas Music Roadtrip” exhibit.It is not a replica. I saw theĀ Fender SRV Number 1 Guitar yesterday. I’m skeptical b / c all the interviews that I had read said that Jimmie would never show it. Do your research and focus on videos that had the store of customer Fender guys looking at Number One.

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