Fender SRV Nut Width Guitar

Quando a Number One do SRV ainda era “nova” – Cifra Club. … citar. Algumas fotos do SRV com a Number One ainda “nova”.

In the picture, you’ve probably seen the naked above the cover plate where Stevie was resumed through the sunburst finish, down into the wood of the Fender SRV Nut Width Guitar¬†body wood. What you might not know is that the wood in this little pocket is not smooth. On the contrary, there are several bumps created by the grains of the body. The wood between the grains is increased further, creating an undulating surface leading in pickguard.Of I could not measure the action, but I do look at the relative heights of the cha Nes. This could be changed by any number of people after his death, but assume it was not.

The string height relative match what I saw in the videos, but what I noticed this time was that the R and L chain were almost identical in height. I’ve never really thought that if I want the string of D upper, lower, or the same height as the G string, but Number One, they are almost the flashy SRV sticker trucker style same.The left in its place is the SRV Signature lettering style, as we see on his signature strat. I do not know exactly when the original sticker was removed, but he plays this way is for some time before his death.

It is a little disappointing to see Number One without the flashy stickers since that’s how most people are used to seeing it.The pickups are mostly flat, c side of the bass is just a little lower than the c side treble on each of them, and all three are quite low, projecting from the cover plate not more than 1 / 8th of inch.The pickguard is thick, strong and black. No sandwich look here, just thick, black plastic, with 8 screws holding fast.The bolt on the plate behind the neck is twisted. The metal is actually curved. I do not know why, but it seems as if it has complied with the wood underneath. I’ve never seen anything like it.¬†

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