Fender SRV One Guitar

Texas Flood – A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan (formerly Voodoo Blue) … gamut on Stevie Ray Vaughan and is the NUMBER ONE Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute.

It will be interesting to see how does with Fender guitars. Lenny is certainly far from the Fender SRV One Guitar that is number one. With the price and production significantly more, it is difficult to imagine that he will share in the immediate assessment known as Number One. The value of Number One has nearly tripled within a few months of its release, but I do not see Lenny satisfied with this kind of request. UPDATE: I hope you did not buy one when they first went on sale. The price had dropped to about $ 12,000 in early 2009.

New to 6/09 Update: I am told by Guitar Center they have reconsidered the price drop, believe in the long-term value of this guitar and have rasied the retail price back to $ 17,000. The SRV Strat debuted at NAMM in Los Angeles in January 1992 and began to hit music stores in March. It is not a limited edition guitar, and is readily available today. Although Fender does not release sales data, it was said that the SRV Strat is a strong seller. Great of the following information comes from fans on a mailing list Fender, with some additional information, I have from other sources on the year.

The work on the SRV Strat began in the late 1980s with a plan to release a standard SRV Strat in 1989 in addition to a limited edition of 500 Artist SRV Custom Shop guitars. Something (perhaps recording and touring schedule Stevie) has delayed the release, and Stevie was presented with three prototypes of the guitar in June 1990, backstage before his Tonight Show performance. Stevie wanted to have his guitar stickers “SRV” on the pickguard, but guitar tech Rene Martinez was out of them at this time. They had the Tonight Show staff applied art Letraset white stickers to the pickguard, which finally put Rene on Number One. 

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